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Fungal Characteristics

Fungal Characteristics

1)Cell wall made of Chitin

2)Heterotrophs and major Decomposers

3)Body is made of Long filaments of hyphae which form a mycelium

4)Reproduce sexually and asexually

Asexually by spores

Sexually by mating of hyphae filaments

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An example of Fungi You know

An example of Fungi You know

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Mushrooms  Club Like Fungi or Basidiomycete Fungi

Mushrooms Club Like Fungi or Basidiomycete Fungi

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Bracket Fungi  Basidiomycete Fungi

Bracket Fungi Basidiomycete Fungi

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Bread Mold  a Zygomycete Fungi

Bread Mold a Zygomycete Fungi

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Cup Fungi  Ascomycete Fungi

Cup Fungi Ascomycete Fungi

Note the cup shapes and orange peel colour

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Kingdom Fungi  you must know 5 Major Phyla

Kingdom Fungi you must know 5 Major Phyla

Phylum Zygomycota = the Bread Molds

Rhizopus black bread mold

Oomycota = the Water Molds

Water mold, potato blight, mildew

Phylum Ascomycota = the Sac Fungi

Yeast, morels, truffles

Phylum Basidiomycota = the Club Fungi

Mushrooms, puffballs, bracket fungi, rusts, smuts, toadstools

Phylum Deuteromycota = the Fungi Imperfecti

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Zygomycota (Rhizopus) the Common Molds

Zygomycota (Rhizopus) the Common Molds

-are primarily decomposers

-asexual spores may be produced in sporangia

-sexual reproduction occurs between + and strains forming a 2n zygote; a zygospore develops and may lie dormant for a long period of time; meiosis occurs just before germination

-only the zygote is diploid; all hyphae and asexual spores are haploid

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Zygomycota  common molds

Zygomycota common molds

The fungal mass of hyphae, known as the MYCELIUM penetrates the bread and produces the fruiting bodies on top of the stalks

Mycelia = a mass of hyphae or filaments

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Rhizoids = root-like hyphae

Rhizoids = root-like hyphae

The zhizoids meet underground and mating occurs between hyphae of different molds (SEXUAL REPRODUCTION)

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