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The Endocrine System




Axons branching out to muscle fibers

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Communication with Neurons

Nerves work together with muscles for movement. An impulse begins when one neuron is stimulated by another neuron or by the sense organs.

The impulse travels down the axons of Sensory neurons to the brain cells called Interneurons.

The brain will then send an impulse through motor neurons to the necessary muscle or organs, telling it to contract.

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A reflex is an involuntary response that is processed in the spinal cord not the brain.

Reflexes protect the body before the brain knows what is going on.

Reflex Arc

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Central Nervous System

Consists of: Brain and Spinal Cord

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Central Nervous System

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Peripheral Nervous System

Consists of: Sensory division and Motor division

-includes all sensory neurons, motor neurons, and sense organs


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