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Dance is artistic motion of the human body.



(Cirque du Soleil)




Tommie Smith & John Carlos

Mexico City 1968 Olympics

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Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Physical motion is governed by Newton’s three laws of motion:

Principle of Inertia

Force = Mass x Acceleration

Action & Reaction

We’ll see how these laws apply to dance.

Sir Isaac Newton

(1643 – 1727)

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Newton’s First Law of Motion

Newton’s First Law of Motion

An object moves with constant, uniform motion until acted on by a force.


No force

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First Law (Full Version)

First Law (Full Version)

An object at rest remains at rest &

an object in motion remains

in uniform motion*,

unless a force acts on the object.

*Moving in a straight line with constant speed.

First Law is also known as principle of inertia.

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Demo: Tablecloth Pull

Demo: Tablecloth Pull




Yank quickly

Due to the vase’s inertia it remains at rest since almost no force acts on the vase if one pulls quickly & straight.

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Demo: Riding Light Rail

Demo: Riding Light Rail

When a moving train stops, you continue moving forward.

When the stopped train starts moving again, you remain stationary and are thrown backwards.

In both cases, it’s due to your inertia.

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Follow-through & Inertia

Follow-through & Inertia

Follow-through is a good example of the principle of inertia.

An object won’t move until a force acts on it so long hair trails behind as head turns.

Hair then remains in motion even after the head stops turning.

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Net Force

Net Force

same as

The Newton is metric unit of force (about 1/5 pound).

When several forces act on an object, the forces add together.

Sum of forces called net force or total force


3 Newtons

5 Newtons

8 Newtons

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Equilibrium Rule

Equilibrium Rule

same as

If an object is at rest then the net force must be zero. Similarly if in uniform motion.


3 Newtons

3 Newtons

Zero Newtons

(No Force)

When this happens we say that forces “balance.”

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Support Force

Support Force

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