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Jane Eyre




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Key Facts

Key Facts

All events are told in the past from Jane’s point of view.

The setting is early 19th Century England.

Jane Eyre is classified as both a Gothic and a Romantic novel.

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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Our protagonist

Orphaned as a child

Becomes governess at Thornfield

A feisty young child, who grows into a strong woman.

Embodies the English working-class woman.

Will marry . . . . ?

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Edward Rochester

Edward Rochester

Jane’s boss at Thornfield

Gruff and rude

Made wealthy by family money

Benefactor to Adèle Varens

Very secretive and sometimes deceitful

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Reed Family

Reed Family

Jane’s family on her father’s side

Mrs. Reed is Jane’s cruel aunt who sends Jane to Lowood; she locks Jane in the “Red Room” for punishment

John, Eliza, and Georgiana are Jane’s spoiled cousins; they are rude and selfish; they either torment Jane or ignore her

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Rivers Family

Rivers Family

Jane’s caretakers when she leaves Thornfield – are her cousins on her mother’s side.

St. John – Minister at Morton, tries to get Jane to be his missionary wife

Diana and Mary – kind and independent women, serve as role models for Jane (we only see one of the sisters [Mary] in the movie)

St. John Rivers

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Bertha Mason

Bertha Mason

Bertha is locked in the attic at Thornfield

Starts the bedroom fire, and eventually burns the house down

Kills herself in the house fire

Exotic, sensual personification of the Orient

Why is she at Thornfield?

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Mrs. Fairfax

Mrs. Fairfax

Housekeeper at Thornfield

Serves as a mother figure/role model for Jane

Tells Jane about secrets of Thornfield and the Rochesters.

Thornfield Manor

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Other Characters

Other Characters

Helen Burns – Jane’s friend at Lowood, teaches her character, dies in Jane’s arms

Mr. Brocklehurst – cruel and dishonest master of Lowood School

Miss Temple – Jane’s favorite teacher, positive female role model/mother figure


Mr. Brocklehurst

Miss Temple

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Other Characters (Cont.)

Other Characters (Cont.)

Grace Poole – Bertha’s mysterious keeper, serves as Bertha’s scapegoat

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