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Jane Eyre




Jane’s search for love might stem from the scorn she felt as a child

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Social Class

Social Class

Jane often feels inadequate compared to many of the other main characters in the novel.

Jane feels that her love for Rochester is wrong because she isn’t from the same class.

Class segregates Jane from her cousins on both sides, although it is more obvious on the Reed side.

Blanche Ingram is the class opposite of Jane.

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Religion plays a huge role in this novel.

Helen Burns taught Jane a view of faith and God that she could understand.

Mr. Brocklehurst’s Evangelical view had negative effects on Jane, as did St. John River’s Empirical view.

Even the once cruel Eliza Reed joins a French convent.

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Mother Figures

Mother Figures

In her search for love, Jane also looks for the mother figure that she missed as a child.

Jane finds the characteristics she is looking for in:

Miss Temple

Mrs. Fairfax

Rivers sisters

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Red Room

Red Room

The room at Gateshead where Uncle Reed died, and where Jane was locked up to be punished.

This punishment haunted Jane for the rest of her life.

Memories of the night in the Red Room occur when Jane is at a crossroads in her life.

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