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You are not considered faithful in the sight of God unless you like for

your brother (read, others) what you like for yourself (Hadith)

when you are greeted with a greeting of peace, answer with an even better greeting, or at least the like thereof" (4: 86).

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Other Values

Other Values

Right and Status of Women

Eliminated many pre-Islamic discriminatory practices

Gave women rights (e.g., inheritance) and equality to men, both were made

from a single soul (e.g., 4:1)

Limited the number of wives a man can marry

Treat women with kindness and respect their rights as equal to men

The hijab or head scarf

Modest dress apply to women and men equally (Quran and Hadith).

Women are required to cover their bodies so that their figure is not revealed.

Women are not required to cover their faces.

The forbidden or taboo (muharramat) include pork, blood, improperly butchered

animals, baby animals, gambling, and charging interest

Alcohol drinking was gradually disallowed

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Science and Civilization

Science and Civilization

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A dedicated quest for knowledge and a burst of scientific innovation

A dedicated quest for knowledge and a burst of scientific innovation

in a multi-ethnic and multi-faith society

Lasted for over 8 centuries, and produced a plethora of knowledge and

discoveries in all disciplines

Induced the later European renaissance

The Arabic tong, invigorated by the Quran, was the vehicle, and tolerant,

inclusive, and knowledge-advocate Islamic faith was the culture

Repeated requests in both the Quran and the Hadith for seeking

knowledge, and application of rational thinking

Seek knowledge even in China

Seek knowledge from crib to grave

On judgement day, the ink of scientists is valued by God higher

than the blood of martyrs

The two important disciplines of science are theology and Biology

Initially, massive translation of Greek and Indian writings

preserved all literary and scientific works and transmitted them to Europe

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Medicine and Pharmacy

Medicine and Pharmacy

Chemistry and Physics



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Medicine and Pharmacy

Medicine and Pharmacy

Institutionalized and regulated the practice of Medicine and Pharmacy

The modern concept of clinics

Board exams and license to practice. Regulatory boards (FDA's!!!)

Classification of plants and Algae for their medical use, and outlined possible side effects (PDRs!!)


Tens, including specialized, in each of Baghdad, Qurtoba, and Damascus.

Mobile hospitals for emergency.

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